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You are charming, polished, and refined. Your taste is exquisite, and manners and other social graces matter to you. You admire beauty, and you have a sophisticated love for all forms of artistic expressions. Many Libras become successful editors and writers of fashion and culture, or become respected museum curators.

You are very sociable, and you seem to know everyone, and certainly everyone wants to know you. Friends give you oxygen, and they are often sounding boards to help you refine your ideas. You are born when, in the northern hemisphere, darkness will soon dominate. The turn to shorter days and less light brings a craving for contractual partnership in marriage and business. To Libra, marriage is sacred, and you will always do all that you can to preserve and protect your union.

With such a strong emphasis on partnership, Libras often work in fields associated with weddings. You fervently want to see fairness in all situations.

Libra Season Is the Best Time to Value Beauty and Friendship

When people or events veer to extremes, you will strive to re-balance and create accord. In business, you would make a savvy negotiator, labor leader, arbitrator, or lawyer.

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You present a polished and elegant exterior, but you are surprisingly strong and assertive, for you are a cardinal sign that leads—and you demand results. As you begin , Jupiter will be in Sagittarius, the sign that Jupiter rules, so this planet will exert exceptionally strong, beneficial vibrations this year.

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Jupiter moved into Sagittarius in early November , so by January, he will have eased comfortably into his new role in your third house of travel and communication and will be ready to help you…. Jupiter moved into Sagittarius in early November , so by January, he will have eased comfortably into his new role in your third house of travel and communication and will be ready to help you.

Furthermore, since Libra is an air sign and Sagittarius is a fire sign, you two are very compatible, and you will easily absorb the good fortune that Jupiter has for you. Your trips will not take you far within miles yet they will yield great fun and a touch of luxury—and if you go for business, profit as well. Face-to-face meetings with clients who are out of town will pay off handsomely.

All About Libra Personality

This will be a year that will underscore your ability to communicate effectively, so if you work in any aspect of communications, you will do well. This might manifest as a focus on personal appearance, or as a desire to be surrounded by beautiful things. It might manifest as a drive to create, to add beauty to the world. All of these qualities combine to make Libra charming and immensely likable.

Cher Horowitz in Clueless — as played by Alicia Silverstone, a Libra — is classically Libran too: a charismatic, if sometimes chaotic, force for social harmony, who also loves her beautiful clothes.

Your Libra Season Horoscope: Beauty and Balance |

At its very best, Libra offers a surprising kind of magic, where seemingly impossible problems become solvable, not through force or cunning but through generosity of spirit, or through social connection, or through an unwavering belief that justice and beauty still matter. Already a subscriber? Log in or link your magazine subscription. Account Profile. Sign Out.

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